First Visit Expectations


On your first visit to Fox Physiotherapy you will be met in our comfortable bright waiting area by our friendly practice manager, Liza, who will ask you to fill out our initial consultation and consent form. This provides your physiotherapist with a thorough background to guide the assessment and treatment of your issue. 

Your physiotherapist will review this form and lead you one of our large airy treatment rooms.

Your physiotherapist may ask you further questions relating to your problem and how it may be affecting your everyday life and/or hobbies/ sports.

A thorough physical examination will be carried out to accurately diagnose your problem.

The physical examination involves testing the muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves to assess how they behave in different patterns of movement. Your physiotherapist will ask you to perform particular movements related to your symptoms and will carry out specific tests to further assess the problem area.

Throughout the physical examination your physiotherapist will explain clearly why they are testing certain movements or positions and monitor your symptoms throughout the examination.

An understandable diagnosis of your problem will then be given by your physiotherapist.

Treatment of your issue will start immediately with a specific treatment programme designed to restore you back to your optimum health.

A customised exercise programme, emailed or printed for you via the Physitrack app, to allow you to improve between physiotherapy sessions will be prescribed with clear demonstrations and instructions to guide you.

Advise on activities of daily living or return to activity will be discussed along with a committed timeframe to solve your problem.

This thorough assessment program ensures no client leaves Fox Physiotherapy without a clear diagnosis of your problem, the treatment approach, a customised exercise plan, and the timeframe involved.