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What is Dry Needling?

Updated: Apr 1

Dry Needling or Trigger Point Dry Needling is a thin needle inserted gently into the skin to target a “KNOT” or TRIGGER POINT within the muscle. This knot or tough area in the muscle can sometimes be difficult to access with HANDS ON PHYSIO or exercises so a thin needle is gently inserted at the point of this knot to increase blood flow, allow the muscle to relax and repair, relieve spasm and most importantly relieve your Pain And STIFFNESS. The muscle often gives a ‘TWITCH’ response, which is great as we know then we have managed to target the exact point of YOUR problem. Most people describe dry needling as mild pain for a split second that the needle is inserted and once we get the TWITCH response the needle is removed.

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years as an alternative treatment for the relief of pain, discomfort or other issues though opening up a person's energy flow or chi. Acupuncture and dry needling may look very similar in their application but the primary difference is that DRY NEEDLING is used specifically for relief of MUSCLE PAIN and relies on the principles of Western medicine. DRY NEEDLING targets the specific TRIGGER POINT in the muscle.

What are the Benefits?

DRY NEEDLING relieves pain and stiffness associated with KNOTS in the muscle improving flexibility and increasing range of motion. It is particularly effective for relief of long standing NECK or SHOULDER pain, ANKLE and FOOT PAIN, TENDON ISSUES, and SPORTS INJURIES. Combined with the correct HANDS ON PHYSIO and EXERCISE program DRY NEEDLING yields excellent results in these areas.

Clients report muscle tenderness, similar to after a tough exercise session, and bruising post treatment for approximately 48 hours but get RESULTS within that short period of time.

Dry Needling is not for everyone but when used appropriately in combination with the high quality HANDS ON PHYSIO, and the CORRECT EXERCISES it can help relieve PAIN and STIFFNESS in the MUSCLE to get you back MOVING WELL and FEELING WELL.

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