1. What can I expect on my FIRST VISIT?


On your first visit to Fox Physiotherapy you will be met in our comfortable waiting area by our friendly practice manager, Liza. consent form. To give us a thorough background of YOUR STORY we ask you to complete a form about YOUR PROBLEM


To find out exactly how YOUR problem IS affecting your everyday LIFE, HOBBIES AND ACTIVITIES your physiotherapist may ask further questions so we can work on a SOLUTION TOGETHER for YOUR PROBLEM.

A THOROUGH examination will be carried out to accurately diagnose your problem.

This involves testing the muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves to assess how YOUR SYMPTOMS behave in different patterns of movement and carry out special tests to deeper assess YOUR PROBLEM.

Your Physiotherapist will CLEARLY EXPLAIN why they are testing certain movements or positions and monitor your symptoms throughout the examination.


An UNDERSTANDABLE EXPLANATION of your problem will then be given by your physiotherapist.

TREATMENT of your issue will start IMMEDIATELY with a treatment program designed to relieve you of PAIN and STIFFNESS.


The CORRECT EXERCISES to help YOUR PROBLEM will be demonstrated, practiced and  reviewed. We will email videos of YOUR EXERCISES for you via the Physitrack app, to allow you to improve between physiotherapy sessions.

Advise, tips and education as to when YOU CAN RETURN to your activities and hobbies will be discussed along with a COMMITTED TIME FRAME to SOLVE your problem.



2. What can I expect AFTER my FIRST VISIT?


To speed up the healing process will receive YOUR EXERCISE program to continue at home, which may include heat or ice therapy, postural awareness, foam rolling and changing your workplace setup. You will be told when you need to return for your next appointment.


3. Do I need to be referred by a doctor for physiotherapy?


NO, you can self-refer to physiotherapy.

We daily get referrals from GPs, Consultants, and other healthcare providers but it is not necessary to have a referral. We are always happy to talk with your GP or Consultant, if you wish, so that they are kept up to date of your progress.


4. What do I need to bring?


Please bring a list of any current medications and any scan results eg. MRI with you to your first appointment.


The affected area will be exposed, therefore you might be more comfortable in a pair of shorts for low back or leg issues.  Ladies may also prefer to bring a vest top for an upper limb issue.


5. How MANY SESSIONS will I need?

Your physio will make you aware of how many sessions you will need.  These future sessions may be block booked for your convenience.   

6. What is the DURATION and COST of an appointment?

First time appointments are 45 Minutes and follow up appointments are 30 minutes. All appointments cost €60.00 . Cash and card payments accepted.

7. Where is Fox Physiotherapy LOCATED?

You will find Fox Physiotherapy in the South Ring Business Park just off of the Kinsale Road roundabout.  When driving in Smyths Toys behind you, Women's Fitness will be on your left and we are the last unit around the corner from South Doc. For a map CLICK HERE.

8. Is there PARKING?

Yes, plenty.




ABSOLUTELY, we are recognised by all the major insurers. Just check your own policy for their terms and conditions.


10. What are your OPENING HOURS?


We are open daily 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

11. What payment methods to you accepts?

We accept cash, cheques and all major debit and credit cards.


12. Still unsure if Physiotherapy is the RIGHT FIT for YOUR PROBLEM? 


We want to help you make a good decision for YOUR HEALTH, fill out the online HELP FORM and one of our Physiotherapists will review your case and contact you to discuss if we can help YOU and YOUR PROBLEM.

FAQ’s for Online Physio Consultation

What is it?

In a video consultation, we are using technology to provide a real time visual and audio consultation at a distance. In this consultation we will discuss your current issue, and any limitations and goals you may have while assessing and addressing your movement patterns.

Together we develop your own guided hands on treatment and personalised exercise plan to help you back to your best again.

Will you go through my exercises?

Absolutely. We will run a video of each of your exercises on your screen, discuss the key elements of the exercise and how it will help you, get you to perform the exercise live and coach you through any issues you may have with any exercise. We want you to be confident and comfortable with your exercise plan.

How will I remember my plan?

Don't worry we will email you YOUR plan with guided videos and images after your online session.

Who is it suitable for?

Mostly everyone. If you are concerned that an online session will not be of benefit to you we are happy to discuss your issue prior to an online session to ensure it is the right fit for your problem.

How do I book?

Call us on 0212061844 or email help@foxphysiotherapy.ie or fill out the ‘Support’ form on our homepage.

Do I have to download anything?

We use Zoom for our online sessions.
You can download the zoom app or use it through your web browser ( internet explorer. Safari, firefox, chrome. Do not worry if you’re not great with using technology, we will happily call you prior to your session to help you with the set up.

What do I need?

A laptop, phone or tablet with the camera and audio function turned on, along with a working email address.

How do I login into the online physio session?

We will send you an email live link prior to your online physio session start time and it will bring you straight into the session.

But I usually get ‘Hands On’ treatment

Hands on treatment is only part of what we do. If you are in trouble, an online session will address your concerns, assess and determine your problem and start you on your road to recovery immediately with your guided home treatment and exercise plan.

Do I have to fill out any forms?

Yes. We have a consent form that will be emailed to you prior to your session that you simply have to agree to.

We also have a pre consult form that gives us the full picture of your problem prior to your online consultation so we can get the most out of your session, this will be emailed to you on booking your appointment if you are a new client or a regular client with a new episode of care.

How long is the session?

Between 30 - 40 minutes.

What is the cost?


How do I pay?

We will call and take payment over the phone using BOI virtual terminal.